Vegan Marketing

Why Vegan Businesses should work with Vegan Designers


Vegan businesses are started by people who want to make the world a better place. There’s no doubt about it.

As a vegan business owner, you’re fuelled by ethics. You probably wake up every day thinking about how you can do better. And you likely always double-check that the barista definitely used oat milk in your coffee. 

Those same values and experiences help you connect with your customers. It’s also what sets you apart from others and helps you deliver an emotional message. Nobody will understand this more than an agency that shares the same values and passion as you. 

Understanding vegan lifestyles

A vegan creative agency lives and breathes vegan business. It goes with the territory. They understand the language of the community and what you really care about. They know the difference between plant-based advertising and building a vegan brand. They also know how to avoid alienating people who are just vegan-curious. 

Here at UP, we have a finger on the vegan pulse, and both eyes on sustainability. We know the trends, events and considerations that are the tentpoles of a vegan lifestyle.

After all, we’re vegan consumers too!  

Taking your business into the future 

People are less trusting of brands than they were a few years ago. These days, social media is being used as a way for customers to research brands. They are seeking more authentic experiences. They want to build organic connections based on things they care about. 

Ethics and values are more important than ever. In fact, more than half of Gen Z and millennial consumers will boycott brands that don’t reflect their values and beliefs. This is why it’s important to work with vegan designers who can take your business into the future. 

As probably the best vegan creative agency in London, we’ve seen it all. We’ve been a part of it too. UP has decades of experience working with vegan businesses and charities. And decades more as practicing vegans and animal rights campaigners. 

Amplifying your message through the power of video

83% of marketers say that using professional video is more important than ever. We couldn’t agree more! Brand videos increase engagement and build emotional connections. They’re also perfect for making vegan food look totally delicious. Check out our video below, filmed and produced in our open-plan photo and film studio in central London.

A beautiful video, with a strong message

Animation is another powerful way to tell the story of your brand. It can grab the attention of your customers straight away and hold it. With the average attention span being just 8 seconds, animated content is super effective for marketers. Take a look at our animated video below, created for the ethical kid’s party company, Gudoo.

Animation appeals to Gudoo’s audience, parents and children alike

Helping you stand out from the competition

There are a lot more vegans than there used to be. And we couldn’t be happier. But it does mean that there’s also more competition for vegan businesses. Big supermarkets, chain restaurants and ethically ambiguous brands are introducing their own line of vegan products. Independent vegan businesses are finding it hard to keep up. 

A vegan agency will understand the forces you’re up against. Not just from big businesses who want to jump on the vegan bandwagon but from industries who want to discredit your ethos. 

Who can ignore the new ‘We Eat Balanced’ campaign video from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board? They spent a whopping £1.5 million on the ad, which was deemed a ‘success.’ AHDB claimed that purchase intent for meat increased by five percentage points to 77% among 34 – 49 year olds.


Luckily, some campaigners have already begun to dismantle the misinformation in the video, although it may be necessary for more vegan businesses and animal rights charities to challenge the message across digital channels.

Sharing your passion 

Non vegan agencies work with a lot of different clients. It’s doubtful that they’d choose those clients based on their ethics and values. They’ll also need to take time to conduct research so that they can understand a vegan audience. They may be unable to get your message across. They may also be unable to sympathise with what matters most to you.  

We know that your values don’t exist in a vacuum. Just like you, our compassion goes beyond the working week. It informs every aspect of our lives. 

As the go-to vegan creative agency in London, we’re as passionate about what you do as you are… and we haven’t even met you yet. 

Let’s change that. 

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