Exhibition Graphics

We’re NOT ignoring the Cow in the Room

We are at VegFest22. Look out for the massive Cow in the Room!

Why, I hear you ask. Once again, we’re excited to be supporting the Plant Based Treaty.

This year, we’ve created a ‘room’ and are asking VegFest visitors to join over 62,000 people and endorse the treaty, calling for an end to all animal farming, a major (and largely ignored) contributor to the climate emergency. There is a growing understanding of the devastating effects of animal agriculture yet it’s barely mentioned at COP27.

The bespoke wallpaper depicts graphics from the campaign, the pictures on the wall are all askew as if our cow has shifted them. A simple but powerful message, that the public are really engaging with!

Having an eye-catching and interactive exhibition stand means it’s so much easier to then ask for a bit more – in this case, to share their selfies and sign the treaty.

Plant Based Treaty at VegFest
Endorsing the Plant Based Treaty
Plant Based Treaty's cow in the room

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