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Charity Video Production: Choosing the Right Agency

UP filming the Lives Not Stock stunt in London

Every charity has a unique story to tell, and one of the best ways to tell that story is through video.

Perhaps you want to make an inspirational charity video for a new campaign. Maybe you’d like to make your first behind-the-scenes TikTok video. Or perhaps you need an engaging explainer to grab the attention of potential new supporters.

Whatever type of video you decide to make, you’ll need to find a great video production agency that can help you turn your vision into reality. But how do you know whether you’re working with the right people?

What makes a video production agency better than the rest?

Here are the key things you need to look out for:

Clear expectations

Before the work begins, a good video agency should be able to tell you what to expect from the project. Normally, these are called concept or briefing sessions. In these sessions, any self-respecting video company should give you a breakdown of expected costs and a detailed timeline from the initial stages to project completion. They should go through your goals and expectations and define the project in detail.

To get the most out of this initial meeting, you should come prepared with a brief which outlines: 

  • Who you are
  • The project:
    A full description, and ideally, a one-sentence summary (the ‘elevator pitch’)
  • Background to the project
  • Key objectives
  • Target audiences:
    If they are very different from each other, do you need more than one video?
  • What do you want your audience(s) to think/feel/do? 
  • Assets/deliverables:
    What format do you need the final video, and where will it be seen?

    Do you need different lengths and formats for different channels?
  • Budget (even if it’s a very broad outline at this stage).

A show-stopping portfolio

A professional creative agency will always have a great portfolio ready to go. If they don’t have one, there’s no way of knowing if they’re a good match for your brand. Ask yourself whether their work matches the kind of project you’re looking for. Is it good quality? Does it suit your organisation?  

Psst … you can take a look at a range of our work here

What’s beyond the reel?

Does their portfolio have that little something extra? Call it creativity, imagination, or a little extra spark. Nobody wants to see the same styles over and over. And with YouTube alone uploading a whopping 3.7 million new videos every day, you’ll want your video to stand out amongst all the noise. 

High standards

Let’s not beat around the bush: your video should be great. It should meet your expectations and more. You should be confident in the abilities of the video production agency you choose. Look at the previous content they’ve produced. If their previous videos don’t meet expectations, or if they’re shooting poorly lit headshots with an iPhone, for example, are they really the right company for you?


Are they as passionate about what you do as you are? Do they have the same values as you? What’s just as important is whether they’re passionate about what they do. A good agency should be home to video production geniuses and designers who are powered by creativity and imagination. They should be genuinely excited about your project. They should also offer creative suggestions to make your video more engaging. 

Speaking of passion, take a look at Eva Alone. This eerie short film is a passion project that we created in our London-based film production studio.

What’s the recipe for a great video? 

While it’s a good idea to know what makes a good video production company, it’s also a good idea to know what makes a good video.

Here are a few tips: 

Does your video have a clear goal?

What do you hope to achieve with the video? Do you want to encourage your audience to donate? Do you want them to donate regularly or give you a one-off payment? Do you want them to sign a petition? Become an advocate? Share your message on social media? Or simply become aware of your vital work? 

Be clear about your aims and expectations from the start. Communicate these expectations to your chosen video production company and they’ll breathe life into your idea. 

Does it take your audience on a journey?

Short filmmaking is an art form. Like a big Hollywood production, your charity video will have a script and storyboard. It will have great storytelling that will take your customers on a journey. It will also communicate your key messages and make a connection with your audience. 

Does it appeal to the emotions?

Never underestimate the power of emotions. When a video or piece of content evokes an emotional response, it’s more likely to build a connection and create a memorable experience. And importantly, it’s also more likely to inspire action. 

Take a look at this poignant TV ad we produced for The Vegan Society.

Does it effectively combine audio and visual?

People remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. But they remember 70% of what they hear and see. By combining visuals and spoken word or music, you’ll create something that people will remember.

And lastly, have you invested in professional post-production?

Investing in post-production can help you create the edit that your brand and audience deserve. Little touches like motion graphics, animation, infographics, animated captions, fades and titles can upgrade your video to make it so much more watchable and your message so much more memorable. 

One million videos are being watched online every second.

Let’s make one of them yours!

From live action to motion graphics and CGI animation to infographics and visual effects, take a look at UP’s best video projects.

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