Think you know fish?

Rethink Fish: Cross-Media Campaign

Think you know fish?

Fish are intelligent, social creatures. They communicate. Many have intricate courtship rituals. They form alliances and cross-species partnerships. Some hunt. Some use tools. Some have extraordinary memories. Some will deceive others to get what they want.

And they do feel pain.

Think again

In 2019 Compassion in World Farming asked UP to design and build an exhibition stand to launch their Rethink Fish campaign at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The vast stand highlights their world – one we’re only just beginning to explore and understand, to marvel at the complex life of the thousands of unique fish species.

Repurposed fish crates playing a video which show the life and death of a sea bass
MEPs, including Francisco Guerreiro, speak in front of the stand
Our life-size 3D salmon emerges from the stand

“Fascinating and deeply moving new campaign. Fish are sensitive, intelligent, emotional animals. They feel pain, they use tools and they form social bonds. But fish also need protecting. It’s time to #RethinkFish”Stephen Fry (Actor, comedian and writer)

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