Friends of the Earth

Bee Cause: Fundraising TV AD

Friends of the Earth

Britain! The bees need our help!

UP worked with DTV Group to produce this fundraising TV ad campaign for Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.

Creating a buzz

Our bees are in crisis. They’ve lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years and are under assault from pesticides and intensive farming.

Friends of the Earth knew that if they were to help turn around the destruction of our environment they needed people to start reconnecting with nature. Not just intellectually, but emotionally. The Bee Cause had to stir the heart, as well as the mind. The ad features our very engaging bee and invites you to help save his habitat by texting for a free packet of wildflower seeds. Callers were then invited to either make a one-off or regular donation; the take-up far exceeded expectations.

Un-beelievable results

The multiple channel campaign smashed its fundraising target, recruited record numbers of new donors for Friends of the Earth and engaged its current supporters too. It raised more than £350,000 and recruited 4,000 donors.

Joe Jenkins, Director of Fundraising, Communications and Activism at Friends of the Earth, explains why the overall campaign was so successful:–best-of-2013–friends-of-the-earth-s-bee-cause.html

Fundraising Ad for Friends of the Earth
Fundraising Ad for Friends of the Earth
Fundraising Ad for Friends of the Earth

How’s it done?

During the ad, our bee was required to go through a number of emotions to match the scenes in the edit: happy, sad, curious etc. We created a flexible facial rig to create his expressions. We also gave him a nice coat of fur to help accentuate his cuddliness.

People say you should be wary of working with children or animals, we think insects are just fine.

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