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Future Normal: Cross-Media Campaign

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Hello Animal Lovers

We know that when you call yourself an animal lover, you really mean it. But why do some people love some animals and eat others? 

That’s the central message behind our campaign for The Vegan Society. They know that embracing a vegan lifestyle is a huge change for most people, so we created a comprehensive and compelling resource that invites people to explore and reflect on their relationship with animals.

Welcome to the Future Normal

We were commissioned, along with long time friends DTV, by The Vegan Society to create the brand and produce all content for the campaign including the name, the ident, the video, plus website, vox pops, quizzes, podcasts and social content.

It was the most ambitious campaign The Vegan Society had ever launched, and the main touchstone for anyone looking to change the way they see animals in food, fashion and lifestyle.

60sec TV spot

We adapted the campaign film for a 60sec TV spot, which aired during November 2020 on All4 and Sky.

This is the first time The Vegan Society have advertised on TV, and the first time this powerful, thought-provoking message has reached such a wide and diverse audience.


  • The Clicks on Clickable platforms was 7.29% – one of the highest seen on Sky VOD.
  • Also on Sky, 96.1% completion rate was achieved vs the MOAT industry benchmark of 63.1%.
Future Normal
The campaign challenges us to consider what is ‘normal’…

‘Lightbulb’ moments

We made extensive use of our in-house studio to design and produce all the content for the campaign. Young people were filmed delivering their own ‘lightbulb’ moments to camera for the website and social. The main campaign film was edited here too. Gillian Egan of DTV gave the whole thing shape and form with the eloquent, incisive messaging that forms the backbone of the whole campaign.

The #FutureNormal goes live

The campaign was launched among a blitz of social media activity across multiple platforms. The Vegan Society membership were also enrolled to supplement the roll out, spreading the word via social, as well as donating funds to help spread the message further. Look out for events, more TV ads and out-of-home exposure on our Future Normal.

And many thanks to all the sanctuaries who gave us permission to use their amazing photos and videos of their animals, including the stunning photography of WeAnimals

“UP grasped our challenging brief straight away and took a thoughtful and highly creative approach. We were impressed by the powerful creative content they produced, and their flexibility and professionalism throughout the process. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for anyone looking for a genuine partnership with their agency.”

Louise Davies, Head of Campaigns, Policy & Research, The Vegan Society

On the streets

In April 2021, the campaign took to the streets of Shoreditch. Our huge billboard shows a girl taking a selfie with her dog, but as you approach it, you see that the image is made up of hundreds of animals, all saved from slaughter and now living in animal sanctuaries.

And despite the Covid restrictions, the passer-by figures over the two week period were estimated at over 500,000, which along with the media coverage, was evident in the big spike in visits to the website.

Also featured in the mosaic: two very, very well know vegan celebrities…

Watch the video and read more here.

The Future Normal hits Shoreditch

The website features fascinating podcasts and life stories, and our social content includes a wide range of ‘teasers’ across Facebook and Youtube

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