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It’s time to #RethinkFish

“Our compassion should not just be for the cute and cuddly. We know so much more than previous generations about the way fish experience pain and distress, and we have a responsibility to treat them decently and humanely.” John Flack, MEP

This sentiment encapsulates our exhibition for Compassion in World Farming’s #RethinkFish at the European Parliament last month. Because while most people understand that fish feel pain, there is still a sad lack of empathy for these creatures.

So, the exhibition stand seeks to challenge what we thought we knew about fish, and why it’s time to rethink how we treat them. As you walk around the stand, you first learn about the extraordinary parallels between us and fish, including some amazing stories, and then how they are farmed. Currently fish are the only farmed animal not covered by European Farm Animal Welfare protection.

“Fascinating and deeply moving new campaign from @ciwf. Fish are sensitive, intelligent, emotional animals. They feel pain, they use tools and they form social bonds. But fish also need protecting. It’s time to #RethinkFish”. Stephen Fry, actor, comedian and writer

The opening event was a great success, 9 MEPs spoke and another 20 officially supported the #RethinkFish initiative.

Photo Op: MEPs at the European Parliament ‘caught’ in the net
French Green MEP Damien Carême kissing our life-size salmon
Inside the fish crates is a video showing how long it takes sea bass to die
The outside of the stand highlights the characteristics of these amazing creatures
Social media posts promote the campaign

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