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Can kids handle the truth about meat?

Most children instinctively care about animals, and would literally lose their lunch if they knew what happened to them before they were turned into sausages, bacon, etc. Parents, in an effort to shield their children from these horrors, often hide what really happens to animals on farms and in slaughterhouses.

This raises the question: if the truth about meat production is too gruesome to share with children, how can we make them complicit in it?

In our video for PETA, launched last week, we filmed kids asking them if they know where meat comes from. Their answers – among them “poo”, “ham is a vegetable”, and a spirited chicken dance – make it clear they don’t know the truth about whom they’re eating. But if they did, how would they feel?

Make sure to watch to the very end!

The video achieved 300,000 views in the first week on PETA UK and US facebook pages alone, as well as a lot of heated discussion. Which is exactly what PETA wanted!

To date, the video has been watched 300K times on Facebook. On Twitter, it has been seen 53K times and picked up almost 10K views