Social Media Campaign

Would You Do That To A Cat?

Grow fast, die young: the life of a modern factory farmed chicken.

Over 1 billion chickens are raised for meat in the UK each year, the majority are bred to grow unnaturally fast and spend their short lives trapped in oversized bodies.

UP worked with Compassion in World Farming to create a social media campaign to raise awareness of the suffering of factory farmed chickens.

A series of quirky videos pose the question: “You wouldn’t do that to a cat, so why do it to a chicken?”

The ‘basket’ post (below) achieved 42% engagement rate on Facebook, and 9% of users who saw the ad viewed the video in full – very strong for a 21 second video!

The campaign aims to encourage those who eat chicken to choose ‘better’ chicken, or no chicken at all! To help people make an informed choice, we created an online and offline Happy Chick-o-meter, which rates the chicken labels in supermarkets.

Below, our ‘flip-book’ social media animation demonstrates the shocking rate of growth since the 1960s:

Find out more about the campaign here.