We must Stop The Machine

There is a faceless, heartless, relentless machine out there. Sucking the life out of our forests and oceans… The animals don’t stand a chance.

If you care about wildlife, you should care about factory farming. Intensive farming causes immense harm to wildlife and is one of the biggest drivers of species extinction on the planet. Two thirds of wildlife loss is driven by food production.

Sumatra is one of the most diverse places on Earth, home to the Sumatran Elephant. But more than half of its lowland forests have been destroyed to make way for palm plantations. Palm kernel is shipped in huge quantities out of Indonesia to feed intensively reared animals in Europe. The few remaining elephant herds have just patches of forests left.

“It’s like me coming bulldozing your house, simple as that. They’re gonna have nowhere to live.” Graham Usher, Conservationist

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