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What happens when you cross a Vegan Video Production company with Dragons’ Den?

This isn’t the start of a joke. This is the story of how we created a fun video (starring puppets) to draw attention to the ridiculous nature of the dairy industry.

Imagine a world where we discovered plant milks before we started drinking animal milk. How would that world look? And what would happen if someone proposed the idea of drinking dairy milk to a room full of sceptical investors?

If you’re familiar with Dragons’ Den, you’ll know that the show is built around entrepreneurs and their business ideas.

Our video is set in a world where animal milk isn’t a thing. It considers what would happen if an entrepreneur entered the ‘den’ with the idea to start siphoning milk from animals instead of plants.  

So, we came up with the story. Bought some puppets (and some wigs!). And we shot the video in our in-house video production studio in London.

Dressing ‘Deborah’. We stuck the fingernails on ourselves because our puppet manicurist was out of town.

Why milk?

Let’s face it, milk is weird. No other animal in the world drinks the milk of another animal. Which makes it an ideal issue to poke fun of (take the ‘milky’ out of).

As entrepreneur Miles can tell us: dairy cows are impregnated once a year. Their calves are taken away so that their milk can be drunk by humans. Very distressing for these exceptionally maternal animals. When their milk quantities drop at around 3 years old, they’re slaughtered for beef. And their calves are either shot (male) or put back into production (female).

Absolute madness.

Dragons Den spoof video
Our entrepreneur, Miles, and his anxious cow. Find out if his plan for a milky makeover stirred the judges. Or was Miles and his moo-juice put out to pasture?

At UP, we don’t mind telling you that we love to push boundaries. There are plenty of videos that can show you the sad statistics behind these issues. But by using creativity and humour to produce something different, we make our clients (and their videos) stand out.

Want to make a video that stands out? Work with a video content agency that does things a little differently.  

The only way forward… is UP.

Dragon's Den Spoof
No puppets were harmed in the making of this video.