Not Just 4%

Lives Not Stock: Cross-Media Campaign

Not Just 4%

Rishi Sunak, we’re talking to you!

On the night of 25 March 2023, if you happened to be on London’s Southbank, you probably saw our projection onto the Houses of Parliament. And if not, here it is…

Our stunt for Animal Justice Project highlights the fact that 96% of animals who are exported from the UK each year, on average, will receive no protection whatsoever under the new ‘Kept Animals Bill’ – the Bill that promises to prevent unnecessary suffering to animals during transport.

The message could be seen across the Southbank

The preparation for the stunt was key: firstly, finding the right projector that would illuminate our message onto the Houses of Parliament from the Southbank (the Thames is over 250m wide at this point). Secondly, filming at night: getting the exposure right with a small video camera, allowing our camera operator the flexibility to move around easily and capture the reactions of onlookers, while avoiding the attention of the police.

‘Pig protestors’ highlighted the issues to passers-by, while the message to Rishi at his place of work was pretty clear.

We also projected the graphics at the London Eye
UP filmed the entire event…
…while Animal Justice Project live-streamed to their supporters


Our social media campaign for this campaign highlights the lack of any real legislation – or compassion – for tens of millions of animals who are exported across the globe every year.

Cut the Crap

CGI brings horror to life

Our hard-hitting CGI film gives an insight into being inside a truck for up to 18 hours… with no idea where you’re going, and no idea if you’ll ever be released. No animal should face this kind of gruelling journey.

WARNING: although the scenes we’ve created are not real life, you may find this upsetting.

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