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Don't Buy Crappy!: Social Media Campaign

Happy Chickens

Are you choosing Happy Chickens?

Meat chickens are the most farmed land animal in the world. 7 billion are reared in Europe every year, with 90% crammed into barren sheds on factory farms. Compassion in World Farming wants people to think twice before buying chickens in supermarkets and restaurants, and has launched their consumer-focused Better Chickens campaign.

We devised a simple premise: “DON’T BUY CRAPPY! BUY HAPPY!” and created an animated chicken dude to head up the campaign. Launching in May 2018, the campaign includes a website, betterchicken.org.uk, animated videos and social media, and will go out to all CIWF’s supporters.

Short, snappy videos highlight the key issues around intensively reared chickens.

What do the labels mean?

The campaign also features our HAPPY CHICK-O-METER, a nifty dial which tells shoppers which labels are good, which are trying hard, and which are downright crappy. Try it here: https://betterchicken.org.uk/#choose-better


Another video on the website shows how the average UK chicken lives, and what you can do to avoid buying into this industry. And it’s endorsed by Jamie Oliver!

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  • In October 2020, the Happy Chicken campaign featured on For Food’s Sake on CNA, Singapore’s English news channel. The programme reached 1 million people, and counting.

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