Stop Motion TV Ad

Just Plain Nuts?

Graze deliver healthy snacks, through the post, to your door. Nuts, fruits, seeds, and all manner of nutritious tidbits.

Each box is selected by hand and packed for freshness. Graze wanted an ad that reflected this down to earth, natural ethos, so working with DTV Group, we made this delicious stop motion animation.

The ad was very successful for Graze and ran for three years.

Graze TV Ad

Graze TV Ad

Graze TV Ad

How’s it done?

Shot over a period of three days using the Stop Motion technique which involves moving each item a fraction, then taking a photograph. When the pictures are strung together you get a nice, staccato effect to the animation. Stop motion is extremely time consuming, hence the ad was extensively storyboarded and prevised using CG in Softimage.